Hear stories from Michelle’s students around the world.

This coaching has filled in the gaps for what to say in specific situations, encouraged me to let my unique leadership style shine through and encouraged me to be me.


Michelle Anne is an extremely effective instructor, guide and coach in the field of corporate transformation (mindfulness-based). I have really appreciated her straight forward approach to a topic matter that can be ambiguous and hard to grasp for some people. Michelle can relate to anyone from the most beginning student to the master and her approach always includes great compassion and appreciation for each person. She brings this powerful topic to the business environment which is quite a feat. I’ve been able to use the techniques she teaches to improve my daily life and work! I thought I’d learn some things and deepen my personal practice, but what I didn’t expect was to have more peace and ease in everything I do.

VP 9 Health —Marla Rodriquez

In business, I have had the opportunity to work with people and teams in many different environments and go to many trainings and seminars. I have focused my efforts in recent years to learn strategies that can help me be present open-minded and nonjudgmental in working closely with all levels of business professionals to be a better leader. Since working very closely with Michelle, I have gained a new perspective and skills which have allowed me to be increasingly more focused, intentional and compassionate as a leader. This has affected my approach to interacting with professionals in my work and in my personal life. Her approach to teaching is unique, wisdom-based and relatable. Her technique to observe and witness interactions and reactions, has led me to be more clear on how I relate to others. I feel more present and open in my interactions, and see that I can also assist those I interact with to do the same. This training is very far-reaching. Thank you Michelle for your valuable insights and skilled approach to guiding me be a better, leader, team member, and person !

VP ResCare — Tim Foster

I attended the Mindfulness training this week. The day after the training I was sitting in a meeting with some peers and one of them brought up an issue that would normally push my buttons.  As I listened to this individual I watched their blood pressure rise with every sentence, I all of a sudden noticed. I was not reacting. It was almost as if I was sitting on my shoulder observing the situation. The immediate results are amazing. Thank you!”   — Terri Gates, Chief of Staff, U.S. Forest Service

This was a very good course! I feel like the knowledge that I am learning has an impact on my performance at work and also an impact on me personally, so that the work-life balance is really in sync. I can also see a notable difference in some of my co-workers that have taken the class.


This is what creates a positive work culture, and will help with focus at work & decrease sick days. It was wonderful to have this class in our building. Something like this on a regular basis would be wonderful!!!!!

Amanda Johnson

Mindfulness ­­ we want to learn more!

Relaxation techniques!!!

This class was a breath of fresh air! The instructor showed us useful, easily applied methods to be more present, less stressed employees and citizens able to solve problems more easily and increase productivity. This class is a MUST, even for the most skeptical.

Practicing mindfulness is important every day at work

Nichelle Rogers

I have known Shell for over 19 years.  She has always had the heart of a teacher in every role I have seen her in.  She always puts her customer’s interest first, over her own. She can relate to a wide range of audiences, from young to old, in a fun and non-threatening style.  I have especially been impressed with her ability to convey yoga techniques into complex business settings to shift and resolve the issues. Her approach is peaceful, creative, heartfelt and effective.  I have personally benefited from her practices, as it has brought great peace and comfort to me personally.

As a result of knowing Shell for this length of time, I can say that she is a person of remarkable skill and professionalism, in addition to being an intelligent and fun person.

F. Cheney, Chief U.S. Forest Service

Michelle is a passionate and sincere instructor.  She described and led our employees through strategies to focus thoughts and reduce stress.  Michelle provided good examples related to personal and professional experiences, and was responsive to participant questions.  It was good to understand the science and related emotions that impact our ability to cope and respond to challenges.  Everyone was pleased with the take-home cards, as well as the link to online exercises.  Thank you Michelle!

Lisa Haddox, Facility Management Branch Chief National Park Service / Intermountain Region

I am so happy that I had the opportunity to be part of this training. It inspired me like no other training that I have attended. It would be beautiful to have this integrated into a weekly class. Ultimately improving work-life skills (Lifesaving!!) Thank you.


I attended the Mindfulness training this week. The day after the training I was sitting in a meeting with some peers and one of them brought up an issue that would normally push my buttons.  As I listened to this individual I watched their blood pressure rise with every sentence, I all of a sudden noticed. I was not reacting. It was almost as if I was sitting on my shoulder observing the situation. The immediate results are amazing. Thank you!”  

Terri Gates, Chief of Staff, U.S. Forest Service

Michelle’s approach to stress management, The Master’s Course, is unlike anything I have seen available. As educators working with historically underserved communities, our staff regularly confronts high-stress situations in and out of the classroom. Michelle spent considerable time and energy understanding our mission in order to customize a training program that best accommodated our specific needs as an agency, as well as for the students and communities we serve. Her tools, methods, and techniques are simple to use, yet incredibly powerful. She has translated often esoteric concepts into real-world, accessible tools for home practice—and which further support our work in the field of emotional intelligence and youth development. She has helped to transform our small but mighty staff and how we approach stress, communication, and conflict resolution. But perhaps the most valuable aspect to her training has been the ripple effect: not only is our staff better equipped to handle stress with more resilience and non-reacivity, but so are our own families, personal networks, and the 700+ students and their families we serve every day. Michelle is an absolute powerhouse, and her works adds immeasurable value to society. Without any hesitation, I highly recommend Michelle and the energy, enthusiasm, and expertise she brings to any organization.

Breanne Goldman

More frequent sessions would be great so that way we can continue to practice the techniques taught so that it will become second nature.


Make THESE Sessions a regular occurrence. 

  •   You can give it more often and to more people.

This has impacted my work, my outlook. I love Michelle

Michelle Fields

Please provide follow up classes or regular sessions with this instructor. We need more!  I love these classes.

Melanie Jackson, ONRR

I feel this should be offered at a minimum of twice a month.

  •   The training was put through the lens of a staff worker within the organization. It was perfect. Please bring more follow up

Meghan Trulioo, ONRR

Offer more sessions with Michelle and Develop a training program.

·   I would love to see a series of these courses ­ a class twice a month at least. I need some more training to learn how to make it part of every day.

Rebecca Paris

More of this…monthly

Larry Brenton, ONRR

Every interaction, from coworkers to outside business interactions, can benefit from having this 

training applied.

Mike Ernest, ONRR

  •   Daily ­­ by taking this training I am able to rewire the stress triggers in my life I’m able to handle stress at work better
  •   I will apply it every day when I get frustrated at work
  •   Breathing exercises will be helpful when attending an uncomfortable meeting/critical conversation. 

I have less headaches and decreased absences. 

Being a happier employee = an improved environment. I am more solution oriented/less reactive

Thomas Regen

I feel this class came at a perfect time to teach us that it only takes a few minutes to make a big difference.

When I am stressed or overwhelmed, I now notice it and take a minute to focus on my breathing in order to focus. If everyone at work does this, we’ll all be more in tune with each other. Regular practice will help make quicker decisions & be more aware & more energetic.

Lori Yokomizo

I now practice observing my feelings and not thoughts at the beginning of each meeting and at lunch to reduce stress

Right before I go into a difficult discussion or meeting, I apply the tools you taught me and this immediately calms me down and allows me to regain focus on what I’m about to do.

Ashley Cunningham

When I am getting upset with a computer issue and have to call the helpdesk, I can take use this training to calm down while discussing my challenges

Emily Chen

From the first call with Michelle, my life began to change. Patiently, and with her trademark sense of humor, she allayed my worries and helped me understand that being neuro divergent and owning that term is nothing to fear. It’s not a scarlet letter to let the world know that you don’t belong; it’s a superpower that makes you special and needed. 


Michelle has been able to give me tools for my mental toolbox to help me figure out solutions when issues arise. She has also helped me work out  structured game plans to be more productive and has worked with me to figure out how to leverage my differences to my advantage. The best part about working with her is that everything is done with positive intention and genuine care. It’s all about helping you become the best, most epic version of yourself. 


With this new mindset it’s like a literal weight has been lifted. It was like taking a giant, 20 ton boulder out of my emotional backpack and setting it aside. What was a shameful secret that held me back for so long, is now a pair of wings that can be used to help me achieve things no one else can.

Phly J.

In these trying times, one of the biggest takeaways I have been given is if you want others to trust you, you have to trust yourself. Revolutionary to me in my leadership. Thank you sincerely,

Rob L, Finance

I learned so much. I think it’s one of the most enriching training sessions I’ve been to. I understand as a leader with a military background how it all circles back to empathy. By listening without an agenda I am less distracted and more empathetic.

Michael O.

I feel I have an increased ability to communicate more effectively with my teammates and with people in a position of authority. This is helping to bridge the gap. Indirect feedback has come off prior, as me being intense, maybe achievement focused. I notice my communication is making others feel more comfortable now. Thank you

J H.

I used my coaching to find ways to build relationships with outside stakeholders, increasing my value. This in turn improved my performance, attitude and communication with others. I feel this coaching has made a tremendous impact on my home and work life. Very grateful for my time and this opportunity.

Jason K.

Today is my Birthday and I was reflecting on all of the people/ideas/things that have brought me to where I am today and right now. I want to say thank you for all of the help you have provided to me over the last couple of months. I am so glad we connected, and really appreciate all of your help.

Krista Keller, Medicare Insurance Specialist

This is the most helpful of any training I’ve ever taken. 

Eddie Martin

Believing in yourself affects everything. Thank you 


After seeing Michelles Cognitive Bias Workshop for AAPG, I began to work with Michelle Anne. Coming from a science background, I understood my challenges to be around self reflection, and work-life balance. I feel her background in Neuroscience helped to set a solid framework for our work. Michelle’s got a gift for integrating the science with actual real life ideas to make this seem easy. I found a great deal of value in my work with her and would highly recommend her to anyone with a science engineering mindset. 

Holly Lindsey, Director Development and Manager Customer Success for Endurance Energy Group

Michelle you have given me so much inspiration and purpose at a time when I needed it most. Many Blessings. 


I went to our first conversation somewhat nervous – I don’t make friends easily and I am not good with small talk. I was inspired and feel I have a friend now. I have learned so much in our 2 months of working together. Grateful you have come into my life.

Walker J.

I am like a grasshopper, I am learning! I talked with my client – who was my hardest client ever, and things have completely turned around. This was the best conversation I have ever had with her. You have a gift of enlightenment to engage others and to awaken their gifts! I am now studying mindfulness and stress reduction and it is helping me.

Jeanine W.

I came to Michelle after watching her presentation at my workplace. I was reluctant, closed and it was hard to trust anyone at the time. Michelle helped me to let go of the guilt I had been holding, be honest with myself and become happy. I quickly learned a new way of thinking and seeing that has helped me immensely. I have gone from feeling worthless, and ignored to embracing my choices and the future. Thank you Michelle. 


I began working with Michelle when I was pregnant with my third child. Under immense pressure at work and at home I wanted to learn how to manage life in a different way. Working with Michelle has relieved a burden that I once carried. She helped me to let go of control, understand what is important about raising a family (to get them involved and excited about being a family) to stand up for myself at work (when getting passed over for a promotion). I not only got a bigger promotion, I am happier in my home life than I have ever been. My husband and I are closer, the kids are feeling safe and secure during Covid. During our coaching, I had realizations, cried, opened my heart and trusted. She did not let me down. If you want a coach to help with dealing with uncertainty, who has a big heart, is highly educated and is genuine, I highly recommend Michelle Anne.

Andrea Scharton

I attended Michelle’s seminar on Stress Mastery at ONRR, and it was so jam-packed (with was a waitlist of 37 people and 100 attending). The seminar was loaded with useful and practical tips on communication, relationships and problem-solving techniques all relating to managing stress. This was no basic course. After this presentation, my organization signed her up for monthly courses and have since renewed her contract once again! During Michelle’s seminar, it seemed to me that nearly every word she spoke hit me. She offers so many gems of wisdom. When I returned to the office, I tried one of Michelle’s techniques in a particularly difficult situation of mine – and it worked! My relationship with that formerly ‘difficult person’ changed for the better. As time passed, I realized that I’ve taken so many courses involving communication and conflict resolution, but the skills from Michelle taught stuck with me. I highly respect Michelle, her work and what she brings to every course she teaches. And the bonus is that Michelle’s delivery of the material is so relaxed and entertaining that it’s genuinely fun to be in her classes.


Michelle worked with us to design custom training to help our team work more effectively together. I really appreciated her skill at engaging each team member, building skills firmly based in neuroscience. It made us better and improved productivity individually and together – and we know because of pre-and post-training surveys assessing specific metrics. Working with her was a great investment!


Michelle’s sessions for ONNR’s Mindfulness in the Workplace have been invaluable to me and my coworkers. She has provided us ways for us to not only deal with the stress of Covid-19 but also ways to improve our lives. The meditation sessions on Facebook has changed my life and I am forever grateful for her care and guidance.


Michelle is not only an amazing speaker with an abundance of knowledge, she is a caring and kind person. Michelle offers facts that are scientifically proven and backed up by Harvard University. During these trying times of COVID-19, Michelle selflessly offered her time to speak with our members to teach them coping skills and provide various tools to use through stressful circumstances. I am truly appreciative for Michelle, and all she has done for our members!


I wanted to take a minute of your time to share my gratitude. I am thankful that we have the opportunity to continue to develop our mindfulness skills through Michelle’s ongoing classes. I appreciate you, and your support to see that The Masters Course training Michelle offers is important enough to continue the training!

I feel fortunate that my detail here at the Regional Office has given me the opportunity and time to participate in the course. I sense Terri’s dedication to promote stress management skills and mindfulness, and it shows how deeply she cares about our Forest Service family.

I feel like the knowledge that I am gaining has an impact on my performance at work, and also an impact on me personally, so the work-life balance is really in sync. I can also see a notable difference in some of my co-workers that have taken the class.

Linette, US Forest Service

It was excellent. Effective for all participants. We know that because together with Michelle

we tailored a confidential pre-workshop survey in addition to the assessments. The leadership

coaching contract included; individual in-take interviews, an on-line component, virtual coaching, in person coaching, and in-person team development sessions. We followed up the project with a post confidential survey and assessments. The feedback was amazing. After the contract people reported feeling less stressed and more able to respond effectively to interpersonal issues in their work and home lives. We have experienced people making different choices about how to act towards one another, their awareness and how they attend to the public.

Elizabeth DePaolo, FEMA

I have had the great fortune of knowing and working with Michelle for over ten years. I

have worked with a lot of contractors during my 30 years of federal service and Shell consistently ranks at the top of the list of go to resources. She is an excellent leadership coach, project manager with the necessary skills to see any project or training through to completion, she possesses excellent interpersonal skills, including managing through conflict and uncertainty – an extremely valuable trait in a dynamic and changing work environment.

Margot Bucholtz, Forest Service

Michelle is an adaptable, multitasker with outstanding technical and management skills that allow her to improve productivity and efficiently deliver consistently high quality products. She is an innovative thinker who takes the initiative and navigates to solutions with ease. Equally as important, her communication, relationship and demonstrated leadership skills represent the intangible essentials required to bring diverse teams together in common purpose and lead through uncertainty.

Dave Steinke, US Forest Service

The training was invaluable. We worked on changing mindsets and really dialing into what I

wanted and where I wanted to go as a leader. I created a description of what I was looking for in a company and in a sales team. The company I now work for fulfilled every single requirement that I had, and then some. I feel that I would not have created this ultimate scenario if I hadn’t had the training that I did with Michelle.

NPS, Anonymous

I was in transition from my previous Sales Director position and looking to make a major

change in order to get the job I truly wanted as well as find the company I desired. Working with

Michelle allowed me to break some previous habits, improve my strategic thinking, create new

mindsets, plans of action and reset how I think and how I create my future. Results produced a

dream job in 10 weeks

Lisa Miller

Each time we do team development training with Michelle it is an hour well spent. I always

take away something to think about that makes my work and personal life better and I always

emerge from the guided meditation calm and refreshed. She provides skills that enhance your

career, from deciding how you’re going to show up to a meeting, to work, or to your life, to dealing with conflict when another person is angry or upset. I recommend her to anyone who wants to enhance their career and/or their well-being!


The team building objective was to improve the team’s ability to deal effectively with

deadline stress, resource management, improve performance in compressed work

assignments. This included one-on-one coaching, pre/post training assessment, a 3-day on-site

training, and follow-up one-on-one coaching. The quality of the training exceeded expectations.

Brad P.

Mindfulness: Conflict Management and Resiliency

Many of our front line employees identified a growing concern regarding their lack of skills in

dealing with increasingly challenging interactions primarily with the public. In an attempt to address those concerns and provide employees with a skill set to help them more effectively navigate that terrain, we decided to explore training options. We needed something to address conflict management, and build resiliency. I reached out to Michelle, she listened attentively to understand our needs, and crafted a training session to specifically address those needs in a caring manner. The title we gave the training was Mindfulness: Conflict Management and Resiliency



The training itself received outstanding reviews and had significant tangible impact on those who

participated. The impact on those on the more skeptical end was remarkable:

  • We had one employee who prided herself for her confrontational attitude, at the end of the

session, she demonstrated some of the significantly changed behavior.

  • Another went from being a wary skeptic to being a vocal advocate for agency wide training.

The impact on those who were more open to non-traditional training was met with gratitude and

amazement. They were appreciative that the agency considered doing something so nontraditional and grateful for the caring style and meaningful tools and follow up with Michelle.

Regional US Forest Service Administrator

Michelle is a wonderful stress management coach! She has an amazing ability to get an entire room to stop, calm, and actually feel their stress reduce. I highly recommend Michelle to anyone or any law firm looking to manage their individual or client stress during legal conflict and during the current difficult times.

Cheryl Smith, RWO Attorney at Law

I thoroughly recommended Michelle, she is dedicated to her work and is thoroughly prepared when giving her public presentations. She is honest and trustworthy, and a very articulate executive coach.


Together with Michelle we tailored a confidential pre-workshop survey in addition to assessments, training and coaching for AAPG. We followed up the project with a post confidential survey and assessments. The Cognitive Bias Training was tailored to our needs as was all the training. Thank you for working with us and helping us grow our organization internationally.

Jonathan Allen, AAPG

I would like to reiterate how this course has helped me handle stress. In terms of measurability, after each session I return to work with a calm and productive mind and restored energy.

This morning I had some stressful events going round in my head and felt very scattered and down. After the session I returned to work with a composed demeanor, and faced a very hectic day with grace and calmness.

Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to attend these sessions, I hope that we can have more in the future.

Susana Echevarria

I attended the training this week.  The day after the training I was sitting in a meeting with some peers and one of them brought up an issue/situation that would normally push all of my buttons.  It was expectation coming without context, insufficient time to accomplish the work involved and expectations of all of us to engage this new task without any regard for the other important and priority work that was already on our plate.  As I listen to this individual go on and watched their blood pressure rise with every sentence, I all of the sudden noticed that I wasn’t reacting.  It was almost as if I was sitting on my shoulder observing the situation.  I was listening, I totally understood what was going on and how upset this person was, and I was sitting there calmly listening.  After the meeting I asked this individual what I could do to take something off their plate to give them space to deal with this – when I said that, I watched their reaction and acknowledgement of where they had gotten to on the stress meter.  It was an affirmation or acknowledgment that what they needed to do was take a few minutes to just breath and get things back into perspective.  It was an amazing experience.


I just listened to this meditation for the second time, and you are completely right that just hearing the phrase “vast, open, spacious field of awareness” allows me to drop in so deeply again after the workshop with you.  It’s amazing how my brain seems to know exactly how to drop in when it hears that phrase.  Being the observer of that transition into the pineal gland is a beautiful transition to observe. It’s almost like I can step out of my body and just watch the dropping in occur.  Some sort of wave of relaxation seems to come over me.  Being the observer helps me embody something else you said – you are not your thoughts or feelings.  I can step back and watch myself have certain feelings without permanently tattooing those feelings on me.  I think it was Sutra 2.5 that said something about ignorance is mistaking something impermanent for permanent.  Being the observer, the witness, helps me see the impermanence.

I loved how the movement during the workshop felt like 20 minutes instead of 2 hours! And I loved how after the face massage during the audio, I could still feel the sensations on my face long after I moved my hands away.  It’s so interesting to see how different our perceptions are from reality.  Such a good reminder for me.        

It almost felt like a meditation to me at times.  I was somewhere between conscious and unconsciousness, open to your suggestions but not fully awake.  After this last meditation, I lay down for a few minutes and just drifted in an out of this beautiful state that felt completely detached from any stress or worries.

Jim P.

During the workshop, you said “don’t go into the pain, go into the sensation” and I keep thinking about that in terms of my sobriety.  There were many times I was sure I couldn’t sit the pain of my addiction, but I CAN sit with the sensation.  I wish I’d found you 5 years ago when I struggling to get sober!!  What a gift to find you as I’m studying to teach yoga for alcohol recovery.  I cannot wait to take more workshops with you!  Thank you for sharing your story and your gift with us.  I am so grateful.

K W Schwab

As far as feedback, I would be lying if I said I didn’t walk into the class with some preconceived notions…. But I was able to keep an open mind and came out with completely new outlook and a desire to learn more about practicing mindfulness.  I very much appreciated your teaching style and heartfelt sincerity which made all the difference to me and keeping an open mind. The comment I made to Flint during supper after the first day was if it was anyone other than Michelle teaching the course I probably would have arrived at a different outcome.

Randy R.

I very much like the recordings, I tend to gravitate towards the ones that are in the 20 min in length ballpark. For whatever reason at this point in my practice that just seems to be the sweet spot. My 11 yo daughter (a junior olympic  gymnast) who has had no exposure to meditation other than listening to your recordings has taken to using the ujay breath or fire breathing as she calls it prior to high stress moments like learning new skills. That’s pretty damn amazing in my book.

Todd B. Broker

It was a rough morning at work and I feel much better now after your class! Thank you!

Thanks again! These classes always ROCK! We love working with you!

Jen Sr. Dir HR, Vail Resorts

It seems like 100 doors opened during our coaching. Thank you

Cassi Sattazahn. SHRM

A privilege to work with her. 

M. Plunk. Family Nurse Practician

Relatable, down to earth and inclusive. Genuinely invested in helping others and changing lives.

Melissa Markle, Chief of Staff, First Descent

By far the most knowledgeable accommodating instructor I have ever worked with.

L. Gale, Walt Disney World, Walt Disney

Looking forward to having you instruct for us again. Amazing job. 

Everyone of the attendees appreciated your heartfelt sincerity and the tools to master stress. You have rave reviews throughout all the training we’ve done! Thank you.

Captain, Bureau of Prisons

I use the tools you gave me daily. They are amazing and changed my life. 

Dr. Ambler

You are truly a great to work with. Thank you for all you do! It’s a pleasure to know you. 

Mary Anne’Chambers

I instantly connected with Michelle and felt the deeper energy that she brings to her classes. I have studied yoga in India and practiced around the world, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to have found a similar teaching method right here in Denver. I really appreciate how Michelle mixes eastern philosophies with western medicine, which creates space for everyone to connect and better understand the practice. I have cherished the time spent with her in class, and I utilize her teachings in everyday life. I’m halfway through the Roots of Change course and I have noticed a positive shift in so many areas of my life – personal growth and acceptance, relationships, work, and how to follow through with intentions I have set. Thank you Michelle for everything you have given me!

Nikki Beck

Michelle’s class was tremendously beneficial to me both in my personal life and as a business owner. Michelle covered setting reasonable expectations for personal happiness and reality goals, the importance of self-awareness and stress control and the neuroscience of thought. The importance of effective communication was perhaps the most valuable topic for me, as these make the difference between success and failure every day.

James Hubert President Discover Land Services

Starting with my first experience as a student of Michelle’s, I was able to connect, in a state of meditation, to a place where no mind lives. I found that I was able to maintain that connection in a way that I had not achieved before. She shows her students how they can live in that state of consciousness any time, all the time, if they choose. Michelle teaches with a sincere heart. She is dedicated to supporting her students with open discussion and sharing tools they can use in their meditation practice and in daily experiences. She is truly a gifted teacher.

Lori Nelson

I wanted to take the time to thank you for offering the Mindfulness Track; Stress Mastery, Emotional Intelligence, Communication and Collaboration to our Denver Metro members and SBDC clients.

We really appreciate your integrity, professionalism, and your natural ability to make members feel comfortable and enthusiastic about learning. Both SBDC clients and members have repeated your classes and still want more. The feedback I’ve gotten from them is heartfelt, sincere, informative, loved the blend of eastern and western frameworks, love her energy and passion, and they go on.

You definitely exceeded my expectations in terms of how widely accepted this has been, the continually increasing interest in the program, and your honest, down to earth approach to how neuroscience can help us be better humans and leaders.

Looking forward to our continued partnership.

Rob Rose, Programming Director, Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce

Michelle has been providing one on one coaching to our employees as well as company-wide workshops. She is skilled in so many different areas. We have several employees who have opted for the one-on-one coaching with Michelle. She has helped our employees communicate more effectively, learn conflict resolution strategies, time management strategies, and much more. All of this has translated into happier, more productive employees which converts directly to our bottom line.

Angie Gibson, CFO Community.co

I have had the pleasure of working with Michelle Anne over the past five months after meeting her at a class at the Denver Chamber of Commerce. Michelle is a dynamic, enthusiastic and extremely knowledgeable facilitator. You can feel that she loves what she is doing and is passionate about helping others adapt in these ever-changing times. I love that I am not only learning but that I am changing – my brain that is – in a way that is carrying me forward, enabling me to better deal with stress, communicate more effectively with others, and feel more confident in myself as a leader.

Michelle has helped me increase my awareness, reduce stress, change habits, and influence my presence in personal as well as in business relationships. If you are looking for a life change personally or professionally, I highly recommend Michelle.

Sondra Owens

If you want true transformation in your organization or within yourself (or both), I highly recommend Michelle Anne. The first time I took a class with her, not only did I emerge with the tools I needed for a more productive and less stressful life but it carried over into my organization. I was so moved by this experience that I wanted to take another day of even more intense coaching with her. I have taken so many courses on Dealing with Difficult People, Conflict Resolution, Stress reduction, and resiliency, but nothing comes even close to the benefit that I received working with Michelle. The change that I underwent has made me healthier, happier and a more productive employee. My team notices it, my husband sees it, and I definitely feel it. Michelle has a very unique approach, a high level of integrity and knowledge, and is very compassionate. I immediately resonated with her teaching style and her calm energy. If you are ready and willing to change, Michelle is an excellent coach and leader and huge asset to any organization or person. Thank you, Michelle, for all you do!

Christine Farris

Sessions with Michelle have been life changing. She has taught me simple mindfulness tools that have helped me in everyday life. I look forward to learning more. Thank you Michelle.

Renee Van Tassel Law

Michelle works with brilliant leaders to discover and enhance their superpowers and raise them to an even higher level. Wicked smart, herself, she is trained at Harvard, Master Executive Coach and Virtual First Responder to COVID19. Michelle’s demeanor and EQ are second to none and her passion for what she does is truly inspiring. A day spent working with Michelle is a better day! 



You have a nice comfortable style that includes some gentle humor that I found to be effective.  Our sessions had an incremental impact built on how you listened, cared and supported my growth and my situation. You are all in and fully present, which has helped me a lot.  I have worked to train and evaluate executive coaches for over 10 years, you are an excellent executive coach. Thank you.

Jennifer Daring, Coach

Mindfulness in the Workplace is an hour well spent. I always take away something to think about that makes my work and personal life better and I always emerge from the guided meditation calm and refreshed. The instructor provides skills that enhance your career, from deciding how you’re going to show up to a meeting, to work, or to your life, to dealing with conflict when another person is angry or upset. I recommend this class to anyone who wants to enhance their career and/or their wellbeing!


Hey! I’m up in Alaska waiting on a plane for the weather to clear-we’ve been on the tarmac for 3 hours now. I’ve just gone thru the hardest 2.5 months of my career. Just wanted to let you know that I don’t think I would have survived without the skills you have given me. Thank you!

Ken Tu, US Forest Service

I am grateful for your help. I have increased my confidence in relating to others as a consultant, gaining engagement and buy-in from stakeholders. Much appreciated.

Logan Bobzein

I feel I have a measure of success I could not achieve without working with you. I am not shutting down, not reacting, while remaining engaged. I understand and perceive how others feel, and control how I relate and show up. I actually feel like I possess a deeper knowledge and insight of situations and have a new capability and capacity to be more successful in my job and at home.

Jennifer Goldbladt

I began working with Michelle at the most challenging time in my life. She understood my situation and helped me build tools to fix my circumstances and get back in the game. By acting in harmony with my values, my self-respect deepened and I was able to shape my career to enhance my mental health and financial bottom line. I deeply appreciate the investment she made in me and rank her among the best guides I’ve had in my life. I believe the tools we developed together will aid me for many years to come.

Dave Peters

Thank you again for the coaching session you provided. I wanted to write and share some good news, it paid off, and I am thrilled to report I have been offered the position.  I am now in contract negotiations. Thank you! I wish you all the best! 

Jon A.

One big takeaway I have learned is self trust, knowing it, feeling it deep in the belly and not questioning it. It’s transforming how I lead. Thank you.

Matt B.

This was a huge win. When I started coaching with Michelle, I was desperate to find a solution in my relationship. We could not talk, yelled all the time. I could go on and on. It was like magic. My relationship after 4 calls, is amazing. What is working is everything. We even just had an wonderful Valentines Day! There is a new trust, self regulation, my daughters relationship with my husband has changed. I can not say enough. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Wendy Sparks

I have a new mindset and love that you got me there. I got the books, did coaching, and have a new lease on life. My work and whole life have been affected profoundly. I look at what I accomplished and can not believe it.”

“One takeaway is that I own my own confidence and don’t second guess my abilities.”

 “I understand how to engage and motivate others as an influencer. People need to connect the why with their work.“

Alice W.

I now understand how to use my life experience of understanding inequities and can make others feel as though they fit in and not feel separate. This has made an impact with my boss and when dealing with the public, which is the point of my job.

I really appreciate having a sounding board person to talk things through, get feedback, work through strategies, and consider blind spots. I feel more productive and feel fewer social barriers in my communication both written and verbal.

Mavon B.

I am leaning back, an observer, assessing with no judgment and no agenda. This has helped me build trust and relate to others more sincerely. Coming from someone who has been told I am rough around the edges.

Anonymous VP Cable Industry

I feel more relaxed, taking things one step at a time. I am more focused. THANK YOU!!! Covid has been hard on all of us.

COO, Anonymous

Really enjoyed class, Michelle does a nice job and has a unique approach to how she teaches. I loved how she blended leadership with philosophy, neuroscience and made the presentation approachable, relatable for everyone with a psychology aspect to it.

FEMA, Anonymous

I feel more comfortable and confident in the work I am doing. I was overcompensating for something. I didn’t understand to what level others didn’t trust me. I was able to build confidence in my leadership skills and bridge the gap of how others see me.

Bill R. FEMA

I was feeling a loss of confidence, very easily triggered, reactive and negative. I literally didn’t have confidence in my leadership skills. The class and the coaching have helped me manage my reports, strategize more, and be an authentic leader.

Tony S.

I feel I am making a positive influence and motivating others. I have a different perspective on my direct reports.

Richelle A.

I have frameworks to working with bullying.

NeuroDiverse Coachee – Corporate America

I have changed by behavior in meetings. I needed to show up differently and people respond to be differently. It works.

I have built new relationships outside of my division which have increased my value to those I work with and the other divisions by understanding how to bring values that will improve my and others’ performance. I am further developing these relationships, both through written (measurable project database) and communication… learning to ask for help and give help to others.

Matt B.

I am finally HAPPY. I want to keep doing what I’m doing.

DeeAnn Simmers

Relaxing is working. I now realize I was burned out and not relating to others in ways that were meaningful and productive.

Alice M.

Coaching has been eye opening for me. Coaching is easier than I thought, it exceeded my expectations.

Vickie Reynolds

I now have a roadmap to working with my boss. I feel more confident in the decisions I am making. Feeling grounded.