Breanne Goldman

Michelle’s approach to stress management, The Master’s Course, is unlike anything I have seen available. As educators working with historically underserved communities, our staff regularly confronts high-stress situations in and out of the classroom. Michelle spent considerable time and energy understanding our mission in order to customize a training program that best accommodated our specific needs as an agency, as well as for the students and communities we serve. Her tools, methods, and techniques are simple to use, yet incredibly powerful. She has translated often esoteric concepts into real-world, accessible tools for home practice—and which further support our work in the field of emotional intelligence and youth development. She has helped to transform our small but mighty staff and how we approach stress, communication, and conflict resolution. But perhaps the most valuable aspect to her training has been the ripple effect: not only is our staff better equipped to handle stress with more resilience and non-reacivity, but so are our own families, personal networks, and the 700+ students and their families we serve every day. Michelle is an absolute powerhouse, and her works adds immeasurable value to society. Without any hesitation, I highly recommend Michelle and the energy, enthusiasm, and expertise she brings to any organization.