Jim P.

I just listened to this meditation for the second time, and you are completely right that just hearing the phrase “vast, open, spacious field of awareness” allows me to drop in so deeply again after the workshop with you.  It’s amazing how my brain seems to know exactly how to drop in when it hears that phrase.  Being the observer of that transition into the pineal gland is a beautiful transition to observe. It’s almost like I can step out of my body and just watch the dropping in occur.  Some sort of wave of relaxation seems to come over me.  Being the observer helps me embody something else you said – you are not your thoughts or feelings.  I can step back and watch myself have certain feelings without permanently tattooing those feelings on me.  I think it was Sutra 2.5 that said something about ignorance is mistaking something impermanent for permanent.  Being the observer, the witness, helps me see the impermanence.

I loved how the movement during the workshop felt like 20 minutes instead of 2 hours! And I loved how after the face massage during the audio, I could still feel the sensations on my face long after I moved my hands away.  It’s so interesting to see how different our perceptions are from reality.  Such a good reminder for me.        

It almost felt like a meditation to me at times.  I was somewhere between conscious and unconsciousness, open to your suggestions but not fully awake.  After this last meditation, I lay down for a few minutes and just drifted in an out of this beautiful state that felt completely detached from any stress or worries.