Phly J.

From the first call with Michelle, my life began to change. Patiently, and with her trademark sense of humor, she allayed my worries and helped me understand that being neuro divergent and owning that term is nothing to fear. It’s not a scarlet letter to let the world know that you don’t belong; it’s a superpower that makes you special and needed. 


Michelle has been able to give me tools for my mental toolbox to help me figure out solutions when issues arise. She has also helped me work out  structured game plans to be more productive and has worked with me to figure out how to leverage my differences to my advantage. The best part about working with her is that everything is done with positive intention and genuine care. It’s all about helping you become the best, most epic version of yourself. 


With this new mindset it’s like a literal weight has been lifted. It was like taking a giant, 20 ton boulder out of my emotional backpack and setting it aside. What was a shameful secret that held me back for so long, is now a pair of wings that can be used to help me achieve things no one else can.