Regional US Forest Service Administrator

Mindfulness: Conflict Management and Resiliency

Many of our front line employees identified a growing concern regarding their lack of skills in

dealing with increasingly challenging interactions primarily with the public. In an attempt to address those concerns and provide employees with a skill set to help them more effectively navigate that terrain, we decided to explore training options. We needed something to address conflict management, and build resiliency. I reached out to Michelle, she listened attentively to understand our needs, and crafted a training session to specifically address those needs in a caring manner. The title we gave the training was Mindfulness: Conflict Management and Resiliency



The training itself received outstanding reviews and had significant tangible impact on those who

participated. The impact on those on the more skeptical end was remarkable:

  • We had one employee who prided herself for her confrontational attitude, at the end of the

session, she demonstrated some of the significantly changed behavior.

  • Another went from being a wary skeptic to being a vocal advocate for agency wide training.

The impact on those who were more open to non-traditional training was met with gratitude and

amazement. They were appreciative that the agency considered doing something so nontraditional and grateful for the caring style and meaningful tools and follow up with Michelle.