I attended Michelle’s seminar on Stress Mastery at ONRR, and it was so jam-packed (with was a waitlist of 37 people and 100 attending). The seminar was loaded with useful and practical tips on communication, relationships and problem-solving techniques all relating to managing stress. This was no basic course. After this presentation, my organization signed her up for monthly courses and have since renewed her contract once again! During Michelle’s seminar, it seemed to me that nearly every word she spoke hit me. She offers so many gems of wisdom. When I returned to the office, I tried one of Michelle’s techniques in a particularly difficult situation of mine – and it worked! My relationship with that formerly ‘difficult person’ changed for the better. As time passed, I realized that I’ve taken so many courses involving communication and conflict resolution, but the skills from Michelle taught stuck with me. I highly respect Michelle, her work and what she brings to every course she teaches. And the bonus is that Michelle’s delivery of the material is so relaxed and entertaining that it’s genuinely fun to be in her classes.