VP ResCare — Tim Foster

In business, I have had the opportunity to work with people and teams in many different environments and go to many trainings and seminars. I have focused my efforts in recent years to learn strategies that can help me be present open-minded and nonjudgmental in working closely with all levels of business professionals to be a better leader. Since working very closely with Michelle, I have gained a new perspective and skills which have allowed me to be increasingly more focused, intentional and compassionate as a leader. This has affected my approach to interacting with professionals in my work and in my personal life. Her approach to teaching is unique, wisdom-based and relatable. Her technique to observe and witness interactions and reactions, has led me to be more clear on how I relate to others. I feel more present and open in my interactions, and see that I can also assist those I interact with to do the same. This training is very far-reaching. Thank you Michelle for your valuable insights and skilled approach to guiding me be a better, leader, team member, and person !