Brain Hack: Trust

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Trust is at the epicenter of success. Whether building meaningful relationships, or thriving in our careers, understanding trust is crucial to living. To put it simply, we marry people we trust, we break up with people we lose trust in. We love a boss that we trust, we quit when we do not trust our boss, or visa versa. We fire employees we don’t trust and keep the ones we do. We desire to do business with people we trust, we buy products we trust and so on. When we have a negative experience with a company or brand, we typically change brands because we lose trust in that company or brand.

Science shows that high-trust companies are more productive and employees are more satisfied with their jobs and are less likely to search for new jobs.

In this recorded brain hack, I will teach you

  1. How the brain interprets trust
  2. How to build trust
  3. How to regaining someones trust