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Michelle is an absolute powerhouse when it comes to resolving conflicts and channeling that energy into driving high-performance within teams. Thank you!

-Marty Shapiro, Former CIO Citibank

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Meet Michelle Anne

Michelle Anne is globally recognized as an authority in mastering stress and burnout. A distinguished author, neuroscientist, speaker, and Lecturer at Harvard Medical School/McLean Institute of Coaching. Michelle has over 29 years of experience, worked with over 10,000 individuals in over 200 organizations. 

Her methodologies have been validated by empirical studies, with 100% of respondents reporting reduction in stress.  Michelle’s achievements stem from three decades of research and application in 10 countries.

Michelle walks the walk. She lays the groundwork for understanding brain function, then cuts to the chase, revealing secrets that defuse stress responses, increase clarity, focus, and improve resilience. After working with Michelle, you will walk away being able to make wiser choices and lead a more rewarding life, full of energy and enthusiasm. In the words of Debbie Griffin “I just feel lighter after working with Michelle”.

Two Popular Keynotes

01 From Burnout To Brilliance

From Burnout To Brilliance:

Your gateway to being less stressed every day

In the pulse of our corporations and healthcare systems, a silent epidemic is gripping our attention and our well- being – burnout. Studies show the profound impacts of burnout in corporate leadership, team dynamics, rising rates of nursing and physician burnout and individual resilience declining across the nation.

Burnout is manifesting through mental and physical exhaustion, heightened anxiety, depression, cynicism and increased turnover. This is a formidable threat to our sustained success, corporate bottom-lines, the quality of healthcare and patient outcomes.

In response, Michelle Anne offers a powerful solution, bridging neuroscientific and Eastern philosophy. Her approach delves into the core causes of stress, unveiling a mind-body blueprint. Validated by Harvard Medical School’s insights, this blueprint shows a remarkable 40% reduction in generalized anxiety when using these tools for one month.

This keynote provides you with scientifically validated strategies, proven to reduces stress and lead towards sustained relief and enhanced mental well-being—a path to a calmer, smarter you.

Michelle’s solution isn’t merely alleviating symptoms; it empathetically validates and instills hope leaving you lighter and wiser.

Learning Objectives

  • Core causes of burnout and what you can do.
  • The mechanisms underlying behavior change in the brain and evidence for its use in business and healthcare settings.
  • The three step behavior change process.
  • How mindfulness breaks you out of the downward spiral of anxiety and burnout.
  • Why fatigue develops and how to get out of the cycle into a more resilient mode of being

02 Stress Mastery Blueprint

Stress Mastery Blueprint :

Future-proof your business by addressing stress — your biggest blindspot.

Never before have we been so stressed, anxious
and fearful of the future.
Rapid technological advancements, geopolitical shifts, and economic uncertainties have created a lasting environment
of ambiguity. Increased scrutiny and accountability, digital transformation, talent management, succession, globalization and complex interdependencies are only a few of the stressors facing leaders today.

These challenges that we are facing are linked to risk aversion, and can manifest in micromanagement, communication gaps, decision paralysis, and heightened staff anxiety. Michelle’s solution cuts right to the core and creates a positive ripple effect, reducing anxiety and enhancing overall team security, well-being and efficiencies.

Michelle lays out a scientifically proven solution unknown to many that induces a paradigm shift changing your brains response to stress for good. Michelle artistically integrates neuroscience with Eastern philosophy to reveal the wisdom beneath the surface.

Leave feeling lighter and with the wisdom to make more intelligent choices. These invaluable tools have the power to shift your outlook immediately.

Learning Objectives

  • Why willpower isn’t enough to survive in todays world.

  • Key players that are involved in your stress and burnout response.

  • Habit change tools to re-wire yourself and others for a better more resilient future.

  • Secrets of Eastern philosophy that prime the doorway to wisdom and insights.
  • Techniques that promote better and longer sleep so you awake feeling refreshed.

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