Neuroscience and Eastern Philosophy

Challenge is inevitable,

suffering is optional.

“Michelle has this figured out. She’s a powerhouse at converting challenge into high-performance and a better bottom-line.” 

– W. Shapiro, CEO

Michelle Anne

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Michelle Anne


Michelle Anne is one of the worlds leading minds on overcoming conflict and leveraging human potential. A published author, Diplomat at The American Institute of Stress and member of the Forbes Coaches Council, Michelle has had a transformative impact on tens of thousands of people over her twenty-five-year career.

Harvard-trained in Neuroscience and Leadership and guru of eastern philosophy, Michelle has worked with thought leaders around the world to understand different aspects of behavior, psychology and ancient wisdom. She is adept at highlighting the latest research and providing insights that have profound implications for the attendees.

How we can help

Keynotes /

Learn, laugh and get inspired while rewiring your brain to create new possibilities.


Go from extreme challenge to high-performing in a matter of months.

The Brain Gym

Neuroscience-based wellness program proven to reduce stress and drive performance.


Quickly overcome conflict, level up and increase your bottom-line.

How Michelle helped me

I was in transition from my previous Sales Director position and looking to make a major change in order to get the job I truly wanted as well as find the company I desired.

Working with Michelle allowed me to break some previous habits, improve my strategic thinking, create new mindsets, plans of action and reset how I think and how I create my future. Results produced a dream job in 10 weeks.

– Lisa Miller, Sales Director, The Armstrong Company

The Key to Reducing Anxiety

Developing Resilience With Neuroscience

Neuroscience-Based Leadership

Free Neuroscience-based Meditation with Michelle

Develop greater resilience, improve your health and rewire your brain for lasting happiness.

These meditations are a culmination of my intense study with my guru and my relentless study in neuroscience, and psychology.

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