World-class education to overcome burnout

Based on research of the Harvard Medical School Herbert-Benson
Mind Body Medicine curriculum

Proven by research to reduce Generalized Anxiety (GAD-7) by 40%

7 week program, 15 min on-demand weekly modules

Burnout is at epidemic levels

We are taught to empathize as leaders and clinicians yet this can lead to empty fatigue, and the development of habits that are self-protective against burnout, yet can be a catch-22 with regard to connecting with others and building relationships that make people feel cared for and supported.

This short training comprised of 7 short lessons, will teach you how to be with and hold uncertainty, pain, stress without being consumed by it, in fact increasing your resilience and others.

It will help you identify and work with reactions in others, patients as well as habits that contribute to personal burnout (not being able to stop thinking about a problem, worrying, taking work home, etc). The training will also provide you with simple pragmatic, on-the-go skills and practices that can be used both at work and at home to improve resilience, well-being, and outcomes.

What is burnout?

An experience of noticing and responding to your own emotional exhaustion, depersonalization and low sense of personal accomplishment.

The Brain Gym™ is one of the most scientifically tested and well-established neuroscience-based burnout programs


“I would recommend this to everyone. The tools and information given about working with anxiety are ancient and cutting edge simultaneously. The program builds life-long teachings that can be used in any part of one’s life. This is a vital component of anxiety management.”

— DOC MTS 2013

Let’s break it down – what can I expect?

What’s included:


Bite-sized bursts of content designed to address anxiety, exhaustion, and performance.

Pre/post assessments

Scientifically validated self reported assessments to track individual progress including metrics of overall organizational change.


Gain valuable credits toward your continuing education.

Access to replays

On-demand access to content so you can watch, re-watch, and absorb content at your own pace.

Science-based worksheets

Practical worksheets and references to support your learning.

Guided meditations

Reduce stress and learn to effortlessly regain calmness, clarity, and attentional focus on-demand


“I really appreciate the Brain Gym, it’s helped me find work-life balance, be a better mother and deal with anxiety. I go back into the archives often to watch things over and over to help me create change. I appreciate all your research. You are so honest and relatable. You have lightened my spirit. I really connect with the examples from your own life and like that you ask for feedback and topic”.

— Editor, FastCompany

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