Brain Hack: Already Always Listening

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Listening is crucial to having meaningful relationships. However, most of us don’t know the first  thing about how to really do this right.

I know I never really knew what I didn’t know, until I worked with my guru. He very cleverly pointed these things out to me! 

My personal weakness in this area has cost me numerous relationships, made my own kids build walls against me, made people not confide in me or trust me. I even heard from my kids that I never listen to them. I’m always talking…   When I heard this, I knew I needed to wake up, and fast!

After I learned this particular tool, I changed how I interacted with others. My eyes had opened and things started changing for the better.

In this brain hack, I will explain what some people call an “Already Always Listening“, which is the default way we respond to people we routinely interact with in our lives.

This might just reduce some stress and make you sleep a bit better each night.