Brain Hack: How to ace a performance review

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Brain Hack

In this brain hack, I will discuss what factors actually has the largest impact on your performance review. I will offer strategies that you can try to improve your review or take feedback like a pro.

Most people just focus on their hard work and let their hard-earned talents and intelligence shine, go by the waist-side? Wrong. Here’s the problem with that answer: It neglects decades of research.

The truth is, performance reviews aren’t always fair.

Think back to when you were hired for your current role. Maybe you were told that your employer values things like ingenuity, initiative, or entrepreneurship. Those are great traits to have and bring into the workplace, but none of those things can be objectively measured.

Worse still, your performance evaluation will be conducted by a human who, like all of us, will have unconscious, or maybe even conscious, biases when evaluating others.

Now, let us ask that question again: What can you do to make sure your next performance review is a positive one? Or how do you have a difficult conversation or give feedback… Listen in, to learn more.