Brain Training Meditation: Fearless Heart

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Fearless Heart : Finding Joy

No matter what happens in life, you have the ability to choose the direction or to set an intention for your life. This dictates how you show up at work, in your family, with yourself.

When obstacles arise, turning to your intention or this direction takes the guesswork out of the situation. It reduces the uncertainty, the fear and the self-doubt.

Neuroplasticity explains the adaptation of brain neurons during the learning process.  The more often we repeat a behavior, the efficacy of this process increases. The brain then is more likely to repeat this behavior.

Neurons that fire together wire together. When we experience a tough situation and we focus our attention on something meaningful and powerful with devotion and sincerity, we are taking the opportunity to consciously wire the brain. 

National Institute of Health concludes sthat mindfulness practice such as this bring about various positive psychological effects, including increased subjective well-being, reduced psychological symptoms and emotional reactivity, and improved behavioral regulation.

Please use this meditation again and again to release the minds control over the power you hold within.