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Communication is something we do every day…  Ever wonder why we aren’t we better at it?

As a coach, communication is the #1 challenge that I see everyone struggle with!

Yet, most of us do very little to improve.
…we gladly and sadly sweep the situation under the rug. 🙁

Your communication skills literally make you more or less successful!

  • 90% of US adults believe that communication skills are the most valuable skill we need to get ahead in the world today.
  • 57.9% of employers believe that communication is the most sought- after soft skill.


Our ability to pay attention, concentrate and focus is at the root of good communication. 


  • The amygdala is a small area in the center of the brain
  • The amygdala is commonly known as the brain’s radar for threats
  • The amygdala focuses our attention on what it finds troubling
  • So when something worries us, our mind wanders over and over to that thing, even to the point of fixation
  • This area of the brain is known for both focusing our attention and for intense emotional reactions
  • This double role explains why, when we are in the grip of anxiety, we are also very distracted
  • YIKES, the amygdala also sends signals to the area of the brain responsible for language and communication

Studies show

  • Mindfulness training, specifically targeted to attention and focus, rewires the brain to reduce stress and communicate more effectively
  • Practicing this for twenty minutes a day for 7 days, lowers the amygdala response significantly
  • The result…You are a more effective communicator!


ANYONE notice after COVID how distracted you are?
How anxious?  How unable to focus you are?

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