Leveraging Neuroscience – Lecture: Neuroscience of effective communication

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We communicate with people every day, all day long. We communicate through conversation, body language, social media, email, telephone, etc. We rely on our communication skills to further our friendships, plan vacations, repair marriages, order dinner, purchase a car, express our opinions, ask for help, negotiate deals, accept job offers, etc.

Since we communicate so frequently through various ways, you would think we would be experts, but we’re not. 

The Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) surveyed 400 companies with 100,000 or more employees. SHRM found that the companies reported losing $62.4 million per year in revenue due to poor communication. That’s $62.4 million per company, which totals more than $24 billion dollars.

In this class, we will dive into the neuroscience and psychological underpinnings of just how to communicate more effectively, be heard and feel understood!!!  And who doesn’t want that!

What you’ll learn:

  • 3 Common Barriers to Effective Communication
  • The Listening and Understanding Gateway
  • Non-verbal Cues you Should Master