Neuroscience Lecture – Work Life Balance

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If last year taught us anything, we have all become painfully aware that time and energy are finite and we can not do it all.

Who wants to keep feeling like you’re letting people down, feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and behind all the time, with no time for yourself.

In this course you’ll learn the “why” and “how” of weaving your work and personal lives together, to create a whole, happy and successful you.

The goal of the class is educate you on the science behind the theories, offer strategies to weave into your life and allow you to experiment (throughout the month) with tools to enhance your happiness and performance in 4 dimensions of your life; work, home, community and self. We’ll begin with an assessment that will help you compare your priorities with your time and energy allocation.  Then we will get started  identifying possibilities and designing experiments for improvements to help you feel more fulfilled, authentic, connected and more vitality. We’ll use a scorecard to record the progress and metrics.