Neuroscience Lecture: Practical Neuroscience for Parents

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This month in the Brain Gym we will lay the groundwork for using neuroscience and eastern philosophy to create a harmonious, healthy family. I’ll discuss how your decisions and actions shape how your kids behave today, as well as what kind of adults they will become.

We’ll use daily crisis as a platform to creating a happy, resilient and successful endgame for yourself and your kids.

What I have found is if you commit to learning and working on things like creativity, empathy, and self regulation you can create harmony and eliminate the tantrums, lying and bickering which is built on unshakable trust.
These tools all foster critical thinking skills and compassion your kids will use for a life time.

These are all tools and techniques I have used in raising my 3 now adult children.

Topics covered:
– Creativity and Compassion
– Self Control and Self Regulation
– Motivation, Discipline and Game Theory

Leverage neuroscience to build skills that will play a vital role in your family’s harmony and your kids individual lifetime success.