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Because after 2 years of isolation, everyone seems to

  • have a short fuse
  • have experienced increased conflict either at home, and/or at work
  • has felt a sadness, loss or isolation

I have decided to devote a class to rebuilding our personal relationships in order to increase our happiness, our resilience, and increase our personal and professional effectiveness overall.

Research suggests that the emotional intelligence competency interpersonal relationships is a predictor of performance and success in the workplace and at home. (Lopes, Grewal, Kadis, Gall & Salovey, 2006).

Emotionally intelligent managers are seen as having a greater potential for leadership, and tend to receive higher salaries and more promotions than people with lower emotional intelligence.

Meaningful relationships are the glue that creates great teams, helps us resolve conflict, improves our problem solving, helps us lead more effectively, and increases our personal resilience?

In this class I will touch on the neuroscience underneath and explain

  • what makes or breaks interpersonal relationships at home and at work
  • the science and tools to cultivate empathy, social responsibility
  • how to build authentic, collaborative relationships in every area of your life

This is your chance to

  • build relationships based on authenticity, openness and trust
  • cultivate meaningful relationships both in-person again and virtually
  • develop and use empathy to relate to the emotions of others
  • have a sense of social responsibility