Leveraging Neuroscience: Habit Change

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Breaking old habits and creating new ones.

After the last 2 years, I feel we all are engaging in some habits that might not be benefiting us. It’s important to examine what we’d like to change and have a science-based framework to help us make successful change. We all know breaking habits is hard.

Whether we find ourselves more negative, drinking more than we wish, unable to get back on track with working out, or maybe you’ve become a workaholic. This class will provide practical easy ways to help you get back on track!

According to Pychologist David Neal, habits account for roughly 45% of our daily life.  There is a good reason for this: our brains would quickly overload if everything we did had to be done with consciousness. It takes lots of energy to stay in a conscious state of mind, to plan, to make decisions etc. Being in any type of conscious state quickly depletes our brains limited resources. Think of it this way, it’s like trying to drive from New York to Los Angels on one tank of gas. It’s impossible.

Rather than relying on motivation, and will power to change our habits — this rarely works, I will teach you how take advantage of the  automatic pilot mode of your brain to create a more positive and successful you.

Remember, our brains may be smart, but they are also kind of lazy.