Leveraging Neuroscience: Giving Feedback / Performance Reviews

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Do the words “performance review” scare you?

Are you expecting a bad review or feedback?

Dissatisfaction with the work environment, bosses and yes, performance appraisals is pervasive nationwide. With people quitting so quickly when they are unhappy we need to prioritize how conscious we are about our feedback and appraisals. It’s imperative we understand that  “The Art of Conversation” is more about the process than the substance.

Studies show that the first 3 min of a 15 min conversation are critical and shape the outcome of the entire conversation.

Did you know: Feedback or appraisals are interpreted as negative 90% of the time (whether they are negative or positive). Neuroscience shows constructive criticism can cause certain areas of the brain to shut off because we think we are under attack. 

Since so many of us are working remotely and without the same level of daily interactions and feedback from a manger, it may be time to reevaluate the feedback and review system. We will finish up with thoughts on how a more agile peer review social feedback system works, and how this increases engagement and motivation company wide.

Course overview:

  • 6 steps in the Art of Conversation, you need to know
  • Learn what science says about how reviews affect employee behavior
  • Pro’s and cons and how to conduct a less-biased review
  • How to increase growth and engagement with feedback systems