Leveraging Neuroscience: Understanding Performance

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Personal performance and high-performing teams don’t just appear overnight. Both take the right conditions to develop. By leveraging neuroscience in your actions, you, senior leaders, team leaders and team members can move the needle to make yourself or your teams operate more efficiently and effectively — even during challenges or a recession.

While we are biologically wired to connect with others, we must meet critical conditions to drive peak team performance (individually or professionally). 

Recent discoveries in neuroscience illuminate what differentiates the highest-performers and highest performing teams from the rest. Because brain science is universal, these discoveries apply to all people, cutting across generations and gender as well as race and nationality.

In this course we will take a look at principles that can guide anyone who cares about maximizing themselves or their team performance.

We’ll discuss these topics and more.

  1. Psychological Safety
  2. Accountability
  3. Cultivating Collaboration
  4. Goal Setting & Challenges

Quick reference worksheet will be available for download to support this class.