Meditation: Overcoming Anxiety

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Meditation is for everyone. And it’s easy to do.

No experience is necessary.

Please understand: You CANNOT do this wrong.

This is THE REAL DEAL. Do not underestimate the power of this practice.

In order to prepare for this Meditation session, please:

  1. Choose a setting where you can be undisturbed
  2. Turn your cell phone off
  3. Dim the lights – make the setting sacred
  4. You can lie down in your bed, on a couch or sit in a comfortable chair.
  5. You can use an eye pillow to block the light, which can help you to go deeper.

What I want you to do is NOT TRY when doing this practice.
Trying translates to exerting effort — instead, let go…consider this a sacred time that you are spending with yourself. 

When we begin…I want you to let go and just listen… follow along as best you can.
You may not know how to do some of the things I ask,  just do what you think and that’s right.

Did you know: Practicing this style of meditation for 40 min, 11 times has been proven to thicken the prefrontal cortex by 4%.   What that means… is that after doing this 11 times, you will likely notice yourself being less stressed or edgy when in a stressful situation. The change will be noticeable, and permanent!

Yes, the brain is wired that fast!  Some studies show brain change after 1-2 sessions.

I can’t wait to lead you through this practice!