Putting it into Practice: Hardwiring new beliefs

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For this weeks session, the goal is to Cultivate First Hand Awareness of Your Belief Systems

Please be prepared to do some stretching, and physical movement.
I will teach you how to use movement to uncover your beliefs systems…Crazy huh!!!


I will guide you in some very slow movements both in standing and sitting positions.

  • You can do this on a yoga mat, on a carpeted floor or anywhere you feel comfortable.
  • Your environment should allow you to sit with your legs out straight, where you can lie down or stand up and do a lunge.

All movement will be slow and guided.

At any time you wish to make any accommodations, please do so.
Make any changes you need to, in order to feel supported and comfortable.

In order to prepare for this session, please:

  1. Please wear loose clothing
  2. Choose a setting where you can be undisturbed
  3. Turn your cell phone off


I can’t wait to reveal how this works!!!