How Emotional Intelligence Drives Performance

Module 2, Part 1

Module 2, Part 2


Leaders set the tone of their organization, positive or negative, many times without even knowing it. Neuroscience shows that people follow (or mimic) leaders especially in times of change and uncertainty. When leaders lack emotional intelligence, it has far-reaching consequences, including in lower engagement, interpersonal conflict and a higher turnover rate.

Emotionally intellegent leaders are shown to perform more than 40 percent higher than their counterparts. By cultivating and even mastering emotional intellegence, leaders naturally nuture others to achieve their highest potential, present challenges as opportunities and provide vision and purpose that sets a tone and grounds people to be part of a bigger cause.

In this course, we will examine key dimensions for developing high performance leaders: self awareness, stress tolerance and interpersonal relationships. This course will present a neuro-based perspective, tools and techniques. We will end by discussing common derailers that can hinder a leader’s success.