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The Science

Stress of any kind can quickly become overwhelming, gripping our attention and inhibiting our ability to act strategically, and non-emotionally. Stress also plays a huge role in how others perceive us, i.e. whether we come across as genuine, transparent and trustworthy.

Stress is scientifically defined as a "perceived threat" or a "perception of demand being over capacity". Because stress restricts the blood flow to the prefrontal cortex, it makes it nearly impossible to regulate our emotions, gain creative insights, and make good decisions (all processes that happen in the prefrontal cortex) when we are stressed.

Empirical evidence proves that reduced stress results in improved performance, better decisions and improved outcomes. Science also suggests that reduced stress is associated with trustworthiness, sincerity and optimism.

Bottom-line, you can take back control and dramatically improve your outcome.

Gain the advantage

Use science to access, predict and improve your outcome

Trial, CFI and mediation preparation

Mitigating your anxiety and emotional reactivity will improve your credibility, trustworthiness and genuineness in depositions, CFI interviews, and during cross examination.

Simple mistakes have profound costs.

High stakes communication coaching

Take the guesswork out of complex litigation. Family law issues including crisis-management, control issues, abuse, child-related issues all require a high-level of preparation.

Communication can make or break your case.

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Michelle Anne

Harvard-trained in Neuroscience, ICF master executive coach
Diplomat with The American Institute of Stress, with 15 years extensive experience in divorce and family law issues.

Ms. Anne has developed extensive science-based frameworks to get clients up to speed quickly to traverse the challenges and emotional rollercoasters of a divorce. Her skill set, particularly with neuroscience, is drawn upon regularly in situations of equity distribution and child-related issues.

Respected by judges for her integrity, Michelle has been called a secret weapon by council.

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