Unlocking Happiness to Boost Productivity


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Discover the power of happiness as a predictor of mental health, performance, confidence, self-esteem, relationships, vitality, and financial well-being. In this course, you’ll learn evidence-based tools and techniques rooted in positive psychology to enhance focus, outlook, and clarity of purpose.

Uncover the science hidden in your DNA and its impact on personal happiness. Our expert Michelle will guide you through practical applications and subtle strategies to boost energy and performance. With continued practice, these tools lead to long-term brain changes. Worksheets will help you uncover your stress profile, reframe past experiences, and establish the foundation for lasting happiness. Immediate shifts are possible through course exercises.

Lastly, gain insights on using these tools to train and coach others, fostering a shared foundation and goal for empowered teamwork and exceptional performance.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn strategies to reverse stress and create new ways of thinking
  • Discover processes to transform negativity into optimism and innovation
  • Learn tools to leverage your attitude and perspective for peak performance
  • Understand how to coach and foster positive change in others


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  • Science of possibility work book
    Use the latest neuroscience to rewire your brain and create new possibilities