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Module One - Our free gift to you

Mitigating Employee Burnout


Stress and burnout levels are at an all time high. Gallup recently reported that 89% of employees have been burned out for the last year. 77% of employees are experiencing burnout in their current jobs. This has created a crisis in mental health which is continuing to adversely affect engagement, productivity and retention.

In this hands-on course, you’ll learn the stages of burnout, key factors that contibute to this condition. We will do a deep dive on how to mitigate the conditions contributing to burnout in your staff, brainstorm working parents solutions and share tools to reduce meeting fatigue and more.


Do a deep dive on how to:

• Identify root causes, signs, and symptoms of burnout
• Address and mitigate working parents pressures
• Learn strategies to increase positivity and performance
• Coach others to affect & influence change on their teams

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How Emotional Intelligence Drives Performance


Leaders set the tone of their organization, positive or negative, many times without even knowing it. Neuroscience shows that people follow (or mimic) leaders especially in times of change and uncertainty. When leaders lack emotional intelligence, it has far-reaching consequences, including in lower engagement, interpersonal conflict and a higher turnover rate.

Emotionally intellegent leaders are shown to perform more than 40 percent higher than their counterparts. By cultivating and even mastering emotional intellegence, leaders naturally nuture others to achieve their highest potential, present challenges as opportunities and provide vision and purpose that sets a tone and grounds people to be part of a bigger cause.

In this course, we will examine key dimensions for developing high performance leaders: self awareness, stress tolerance and interpersonal relationships. This course will present a neuro-based perspective, tools and techniques. We will end by discussing common derailers that can hinder a leader’s success.


Do a deep dive on how to:

• Learn markers of low and high EQ in yourself and others
• Learn strategies to increase your emotional intelligence
• Discover common barriers to self-awareness
• Detect blind spots in your leadership

Module Three- Get this for $1,500

Unlocking Happiness to Boost Productivity


Discover the power of happiness as a predictor of mental health, performance, confidence, self-esteem, relationships, vitality, and financial well-being. In this course, you’ll learn evidence-based tools and techniques rooted in positive psychology to enhance focus, outlook, and clarity of purpose. 

Uncover the science hidden in your DNA and its impact on personal happiness. Michelle, our expert, will guide you through practical applications and subtle strategies to boost energy and performance. With continued practice, these tools lead to long-term brain changes. Worksheets will help you uncover your stress profile, reframe past experiences, and establish the foundation for lasting happiness. Immediate shifts are possible through course exercises. 

Lastly, gain insights on using these tools to train and coach others, fostering a shared foundation and goal for empowered teamwork and exceptional performance.

Do a deep dive on how to:

  • Learn to reverse stress and create new ways of thinking 
  • Learn to transform negativity into optimism and innovation
  • Learn how to pivot towards what matters
  • Learn how to leverage who you already are
  • Learn to coach and foster change in others

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Meet your facilitator

Harvard Trained in Neuroscience and Leadership, Keynote Speaker and CEO of System2 – one of just 300 International Coaching Federation Certified Master Executive Nuero Coaches in the world. Michelle has spent her career helping leaders resolve people problems and drive performance even under extreme circumstances. She understands what make teams successful and how to leverage science to drive optimal performance.

Michelle has over three decades of research working with Fortune 100 companies and federal and state agencies. Her success is a product of 30 years of research and experience. Her processes are evidence-based and have been adopted at institutions such as The Mayo Clinic, FEMA, U.S. Forest Service, Bureau of Prisons, and at the Central Intelligence Agency.

Over six years of studies show her NeuroPerformance Solutions create breakthroughs in collaboration and drive performance.


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