The Art of Persuasion and Mentorship


The Art of Persuasion and Mentor-ship

We’ve all been there, pitched our case, done endless hours of preparation, had brilliant strategy and hoped to win the sale, but didn’t. Why are some people better at selling or getting others to believe than others? Want a secret weapon? Neuroscience reveals how to influence the diverse set of thought processes involved in perception and decision-making.

Many of us learn the art of persuasion through trial and error, stumbling upon mentors, or by simply having an innate gift for reading the room. In this keynote, Michelle will explain how the brain makes decisions, why we need to appeal to the whole brain, including the logical and the emotional centers and how to mobilize the brains reward centers to influence choices, attitudes and actions in others. You’ll learn why the key difference between proof vs persuasion is emotion and how to use this to become more effortlessly influential!


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